What our schools say...

When you're looking to purchase a new product for your school it's important that you know exactly what you're getting and that you're going to receive good support after you've paid your money.

Our priority is making sure our customers are happy and that they always receive advice, help and guidance from us in a friendly and professional manner. We thought that you might like to see what some our schools have said about us...

"Brings to life a reward system"

"The epraise system is one which brings to life a reward system and truly unifies parents, teachers and students in achieving this. It is able to do this through its simplicity of use for all members. It is a system which has already had a hugely positive impact on our school in many ways and the continual developments to include assessment grades and feedback to classnotes is proving the value and impact of the system even further."

Andrew Ackers Vice Principal, International School of Monza

"As a company, epraise have been unfailingly supportive"

"Introducing epraise has dramatically altered the way that both students and teachers work in school. For us it was a risk, we already had a reward system that worked and that motivated students, although it was time consuming for teachers. Epraise has only enhanced the motivation of the students to gain points – they especially appreciate the transparency and consistency which they equate with greater fairness and the easy link to our competitive college system. Staff have been overwhelmingly positive in their adoption of the new system, they can see the impact and appreciate the simplicity and ease with which it linked to our existing ethos. Aside from rewards, the whole school adoption of the homework add-on has had even greater impact – all teachers set all homework through epraise, appreciating the speed and simplicity of the system and improvements in organisation, using marksheets to support this. Students have become much more independent in their organisation and completion of homework tasks has improved. As a company, epraise have been unfailingly supportive, responding to all enquiries swiftly and with an understanding of real educational contexts. This is a huge strength. I recommend the product and the company wholeheartedly and without hesitation."

Jacqui Burrows Assistant Headteacher, Hanley Castle High School

"It has had a positive impact on work life balance"

"At Swakeleys School For Girls we are in our second year of using epraise as a tool for rewards and homework. The package has the benefit of offering both of these facilities among many other simple teacher tools that are invaluable to our staff. It is excellent value for money compared with similar packages that offer less. From the initial enquiry with have been impressed with the customer service and overall simplicity of this product. It was easy to implement across the whole staff because of its intuitive nature and the apps are user friendly. It has had a positive impact on work life balance. The implementation of epraise rewards has led to staff giving out five times more rewards to our students. We use the leader boards in assembly and students are motivated by their placings and the easily produced milestones and certificates that they receive. With staff, the planner facility and the seating plans have been a big hit. We would highly recommend this product. It is easy to personalise so that existing systems can be maintained and enhanced. We simply would not be without it! We continue to be delighted with the product!"

Gillian Hare Deputy Headteacher, Swakeleys School For Girls

"All students are now able to be rewarded for doing the right thing"

"Epraise was introduced to Swindon Academy in September 2015. Since then it has transformed our Rewards Policy. It is so simple to use that all students are now able to be rewarded for doing the right thing. It has supported our College System for competitions giving a real friendly competitive edge. Homework is a central part of our policy to support our knowledge based curriculum and to ensure students are well prepared for the tough demands of the new GCSEs, epraise has supported us, our parents and students to achieve a 98% homework completion rate. This as definitely had a major impact on our Progress score of 0.75, putting us in the top 4% nationally. We recognise that exam success is only a part of a child's schooling, epraise allows us to recognise our students achievements above and beyond what goes on in the classroom. Student engagement in Swindon+ activities are tracked using Epraise and are reported on to parents regularly. Everything as a school that you put into Epraise can be tracked simply and analysed for reporting and accountability. It is a first rate system that is so easy to use and introduce. The support you get from Epraise is first class."

Karen Stokes Secondary Head Teacher, Swindon Academy

"It has created a phenomenal buzz amongst pupils, staff and parents"

"Having recently introduced epraise into our school this year, I cannot speak highly enough about it. The software has been a fantastic tool for us as a whole school and, as the senior leader overseeing behaviour and rewards, I have found it invaluable. The genius of epraise is that we could implement it to run seamlessly, enhancing our current policy. It has created a phenomenal buzz amongst pupils, staff and parents, significantly raising the profile of house points and deterring pupils from getting sanctions. It is clear that the whole concept of epraise was designed and built with both the teacher and pupil in mind. From my first contact, the level of support has been exceptional. Ben and the team have never failed to leave any question unanswered and are always willing to offer guidance and support where needed. I am genuinely excited to see how epraise develops in the future and the impact it and its many brilliant features will have on our staff and pupils going forward. Our staff are already asking if epraise can expand to encompass other administrative areas as it is so efficient and user-friendly. At last, a system that makes life easier! Thank you epraise!"

Richard Upwood Associate Assistant Head & EVC, St John's Middle School

"The impact it has made has been instant, long lasting and tangible"

"I have been using Epraise for over 4 years now, and the impact it has made at the 4 schools has been instant, long lasting and tangible. The product changes cultures of behaviour and achievement systems being hidden in MIS systems, or a paper based system – to that of being open to staff, pupils and parents in an easy to use way. Further enhancements with parents evening add ons, and the impressive and simple homework add on have only continued to make much needed impacts. Children thrive from seeing the outcomes of good behaviour and can see an immediate impact of any negative behaviour. Parents are kept informed, and the feedback we have had shows they value the real-time insight to their child’s behaviour and achievement. From a technical perspective, Epraise have the product spot on. Easy to deploy, simple to sync, reducing username and password issues and the API enable a huge array of possibilities. Their support is second to none."

Matt Setchell ICT Services Manager, Lourdes IT

"Improved communication across all aspects of the school community"

"When I took on the responsibility for positive engagement in our school we had no system for rewarding pupils. Other systems had been tried but these did not work out. Epraise has worked for us for several reasons. Firstly, the control we have over point allocation means we can tailor the system to our school. I can stock the shop with items requested by the students and we can include ‘things that money can’t buy’, like dance or music lessons. Secondly, the prize draw function allows us to offer a small number of big prizes which appeal to many students. Alongside this, students have been keen to use epraise to raise money for charity, check out extracurricular activities and track homework. Parents have access to current information about their children and epraise has improved communication across all aspects of the school community. Finally, I have found the epraise team massively supportive and they have always responded to and resolved any query I have quickly and efficiently."

Sally Smart Head of Humanities, Chamberlayne College for the Arts

"The customer service is some of the best around"

"Epraise is an outstanding rewards package for any school. MIS integration allows for ease of use by all staff and the easy and quick maintenance of an up-to-date system. The usability and functionality makes epraise a breeze to use; whole classes can be awarded points in less than 60 seconds and students can be rewarded for extra-curricular activities by issuing epraise points tokens and epraise certificates/reports.

The customer service is some of the best around for any educational product I have used. The developers continually improve the system and respond to comments by schools regarding additional features. Epraise allows for analysis of pupil groups such as SEN, Disadvantaged, EAL, More Able etc., and it is easy to track how often students/teachers engage with the system and how they actually use it. The shop facility is regularly used by students and they regularly donate thousands of pounds to charity through their epraise points, most recently for Children in Need 2014. I would thoroughly recommend this system having trialled several of the other 'big name' online rewards packages. This is certainly, by far, the most value for money product on the market."

Ashley Travis Assistant Principal, The Hathershaw College

"As a company they get it"

"Of all the systems we use in school on a daily basis (and there are LOTS!), epraise is undoubtedly the system which is used and applied most consistently by our staff. The lay-out, rapidly developing functions and capability of the site are outstanding, as is the help and support of the epraise team. Every time I have contacted them, they have responded swiftly and have always gone the extra mile to support us in our implementation. One huge benefit of epraise is that it has been designed by a teacher for teachers. As a company, they 'get it' and are building a product with the appropriate and relevant knowledge of school pressures and constraints. It is so essential that companies understand their clients and their needs and this is something epraise do exceptionally well. Thank you epraise!"

Robbie Hallam Head of Year 10, St Luke's Sports and Science College

"Very easy for everyone to access"

"I think epraise is a very useful system because allows me to be up to date with my homework work. I also like the fact that it gives the students a competitive attitude towards doing well by the use of the epraise leader boards so everyone can see how well they are doing in comparison to other students and colleges. The layout and visuals of the website is also very easy for anyone to access. The use of the epraise shop is great because it rewards students with points they can use towards essential school items."

Swindon Academy Students Swindon Academy

"Very simple and quick to use"

"Epraise is a fantastic system that is very simple and quick to use. Since we introduced epraise the frustrations of an inconsistent rewards system have vanished. The data the system produces allows us to monitor usage and set up competitions across the school. The additional functions are updated and new ones developed regularly which allows us to tailor the system to our needs. I would not hesitate to recommend epraise as a fantastic rewards system and more."

Zoe Light KS3 Leader, The Vyne School

"Fantastic tool for parents and children"

"I just wanted to feedback on the new epraise system. I think it’s a fantastic tool for parents and children, the key being effective communication on how my child is getting on at school. In the last week for example I’ve managed to encourage her to try to ensure she hands her homework in on time, I had no idea that previously she wasn’t! Well done for the implementation and rolling out of this brilliant system."

Anon Parent, Highgate Wood School

"Enthusiastically received by staff and students"

"The technical support from epraise has been fantastic. When setting up the system in our school, Ben and his team couldn't have been more accommodating. As a result, epraise was eased into our school and enthusiastically received by staff and students."

Natasha Rand Senior Leadership Team, Heathfield Community School

"Epraise has had phenomenal success"

"You will be pleased to hear, I am sure, that epraise has had phenomenal success in our secondary school. The raising of standards through positive rewards and sanctions has been greatly received by all students and the ease of inputting data and using data analysis has been welcomed by all staff."

Sarah Leadbeater PE Teacher, Kings' College Al Barsha

"Pupils love having access to their own achievements"

"Epraise has radically altered our rewards culture. Pupils love having access to their own achievements they own the system as much as the teachers do. From a teaching point of view the time saved by using this system has been worth the investment. Add to that all the extras it includes it's a no brainer!"

Simon Sowden Head of ICT, Prestfelde Prep School

"Epraise fits nicely into our school system"

"Epraise was simple to set up and continues to be simple to use by staff, students and parents. Even without setting up half of the things it is capable of, epraise fits nicely into our school system."

Hazel Dodd Head of House, Kettering Science Academy

"Helped motivate students and staff"

"Epraise delivers a great, easy to use rewards system for both staff and students. Students are keen to see how their 'House' is performing and the live dashboard is a great motivator! Excellent back up support has helped us to introduce and run an effective rewards system that has helped motivate students and staff."

Mary Stephenson Head of ICT, D'Overbroeck's College

"Providing students with rewards and recognition"

"A system that is user friendly providing students with rewards and recognition in 'real time' for their hard work both in and outside of lessons. Simply brilliant! Thank you!"

Brian Whiffen Assistant Headteacher, Coombeshead College

"Low energy high impact"

"We've found epraise to be a classic low energy high impact strategy. It has enabled our staff to give house points quickly and to achieve a level of consistency we never had with our paper merits system.

Students are motivated by it and it has been a great tool for developing our house system. The service we have had from Ben and his team has been outstanding."

Sam Gosling Deputy Head, Fitzharrys School

"I only recommend things that I believe in"

"I've recommended epraise to a number of schools and I only recommend things that I believe in. Pupils are very engaged and visit their epraise accounts regularly."

Pete Steele Senior Leader, Kings Norton Girls' School

"Epraise has been a huge success"

"Since its introduction epraise has been a huge success! Thank you!"

Faisal Khawaja E-learning and ICT Infrastructure, Trinity High School

"The service we receive from epraise is second to none."

Thanks so much to epraise for all the help and support throughout the yea. The service we receive from you is second to none!"

Twitter Hanley Castle High School

"Helped us to reward students and changed the way we think about praise."

"Thank you for your help over the year you have been a massive asset to DBS. Epraise had really helped us to reward students and changed the way we think about praise and rewards as a school.I met with another talerm schools deputy head over the last week and he is very keen. Another school asked for details to take into an SLT meeting and plan on visiting us in September. The future seems bright for epraise in Dubai and the UAE! We are really happy with the service we have received over the past 6 or so months and look forward to further collaboration come September."

Neal Oates Rewards Co-ordinator, Dubai British School

"It's so easy to use and really engages the pupils."

"Our staff and pupils are loving using epraise and the launch of it has been very successful. It's so easy to use and really engages the pupils."

Matthew Day Assistant Head, Southbrook School

"Excellent support and friendly ethos."

"Epraise is a great 'low cost' alternative to other platforms currently on the market place. The ongoing excellent support and friendly ethos from the company is high class. We look forward to working with epraise to develop the platform further."

D Clemens Rewards Co-ordinator, Dawlish Community College

"A real motivator for the children"

"We're delighted with the system, it has motivated children and staff alike. It seems the constant updating and streaming of information is a real motivator for the children."

Lawrence Crilly Head Teacher, Rimrose Hope Primary School